LIVE NOW with Deportivo Save! #FM21

Starting Season 10 today, big season ahead with Champions League football finally secured!

Signed a few baller players to add to the decent squad so hopefully can push for the title and go far in Europe!

Signed Eden Hazard, Harry Winks & Christian Eriksen in Norway, we are also playing Champions League football against our former employers.. What a time to be alive! Jump in and see the madness! #FM21


First major Silverware of the save its only taken the casual 8 seasons but onwards and upwards!

Copa Del Rey Champions - Deportivo ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ˜Ž

Copa Del Rey Final about to happen. #FM21

Suited and ready to go.

LIVE NOW with Deportivo Save! #FM21

20 Games played and sitting joint 4th so the push for top 4 is once again on this season. I just need to pick up a few more wins today to secure the spot.

Also got the knockouts of the Europa League.

FIFA after FM!

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