reposting this page with every chance I get because😻😻😻!

NIGHTWING #79 in stores next Tuesday 4/20 💙🖤(NIGHTWING #78 2nd printing in stores Tuesday 4/27)

@TomTaylorMade story
@Bruno_Redondo_F art
@fxstudiocolor colors
Wes Abbott letters
@Ben_Meares assistant edits
Me edits

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Where else would I sit? @mnscouser

Inking practice over low res scans of Joe Bennett pencils from Immortal Hulk! #hulk #marvel @Marvel @CBCebulski @Wil_Moss #inks


Sorteamos una copia digital de Mail Mole para Steam. Para participar:
- Haz RT 🔄
- Síguenos en Twitter 🐦
- Síguenos en Twitch🎙️
- Menciona a dos amig@s a l@s que quieras dar envidia 🤵🏻🤵🏼

Tienes hasta el 21 de abril 🍀🤞
(enlaces en el siguiente tuit)

Just Bucky having a nap. #bucky #wintersoldier #puppy

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