hammer04coverrough (Medium)

The Hammer is a 4 part mini-series tracing the story of John Osmond as he battles his way through occult Nazis, gangsters and a world turned upside by a chance encounter with one mythology’s most powerful weapons: The Hammer of Thor!

Writer Simon Squires and artists Kieran Squires and Charlie Hogg have been working tireless to weave a tale of faltering human nature, godly arrogance and mythological majesty together into a grand adventure that will have you turning the pages as quick as you can read them!

What this story isn’t is another Thor clone. Norse mythology is a magnificent place to learn and play, but it is all too easy to follow the same path that has already be tread by established characters and books. The Hammer is written to allow us to move away from that stereotype all the while maintaining the mythos and characteristics then make this such a fantastic genre to deal with.

Our aim with this campaign is to enable us to produce a print version of the entire story gathered together in one graphic novel. The individual parts will be released in digital formats on popular formats, such as Comixology, but like most people we find there is something special about the touch and feel of a book or graphic novel. With this in mind we are looking to combine not only the collected story in one graphic novel, but to also include some extra pages to show you, the backers, the detail and work that has gone into producing The Hammer. With this little insight (more if stretch goals are achieved) we hope that maybe we can inspire others to write down or draw that story we all have in our heads the same way that those who came before us did the same for us.